Watkins Sponsors Professional Golfer Keely Chiericato

Watkins would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the highly successful PGA professional golf coach Keely Chiericato for retaining the WPGA Order of Merit for the second year running!

Keely, who Watkins has sponsored for some time now, is based at Manston Golf Centre in Kent and has been going from strength to strength in her golf career and competitions.

It has been an exciting time for Watkins watching Keely throughout her golf career and we recently got to catch up and she shared with us how Watkins sponsorship has helped her career:

I am forever grateful to have the help, support and backing of Watkins. The sponsorship they give me helps to cover my tournaments expenses in the UK and abroad. They’re a great company and I am lucky to have their backing.

What is next for Keely? Stay tuned for updates on our social media channels.