Project Engineer

Sam Taylor

Sam is a Project Engineer in our Operations department and has been at Watkins for 4 years. Sam has made steady progress over the years, having completed a HNC and HND in Building Services Engineering. He currently spends 3 days a week on site and is the first point of contact for clients and the team on site to identify problems first hand and work towards solutions. Sam appreciates the family feel whilst working for Watkins and enjoys that there’s never two days the same.

Even when working on one project you’re always doing something new each day to get to the same end goal of a high-quality product. ​​

Meet the team Q&A

What department do you work in?

What is your job title?
Project Engineer

What do you do on a day to day basis?
Currently I assist project engineers/managers with their running of jobs where required, as well as running the day-to-day operations of 2no. projects liaising with the site team and builder to deliver a high standard of install. I attend site meetings to discuss progress of these jobs and produce a cost value reconciliation of them bi-monthly to review how the jobs are progressing financially.

How long have you been working for Watkins?
4 years

Have you risen up quickly through the business?
I would say my progress has been steady. We have become much busier in the last 2 years than we were in my first 2 years, so the progress I have made more recently has been much more substantial.

Did you have to do lots of training?
I spent 3 years in total part-time at college doing my 2 qualifications, which were a HNC and HND in Building Services Engineering. There are also opportunities to complete extra courses if I would like to.

Do you get out on site a lot?
In general, I try to get out to our sites 1 or 2 days a week to track progress and keep in touch with both the builders and our site teams. At this current moment in time, I am situated on site 3 days a week at one of our new projects to act as a site-based engineer. This is to be the first point of contact for our clients, as well as our site team, and identify any problems first-hand and put in the processes to rectify them. On a personal level too, this is helping me progress my understanding of site processes and seeing what it actually takes for a project to be completed.

What do you like best about working for Watkins?
Working with the people I do. Whether it be in the office, on site, or people from different suppliers or builders, the people I deal with on a daily basis make it thoroughly enjoyable. There is also a very family-like feel around the company. This is on a personal side as well as I work with my mother, albeit in different departments, but Watkins pride themselves very much on being a family-run company and that shows.

What is your favourite part of your job?
I would say that no two day is the same. Even when working on one project you’re always doing something new each day to get to the same end goal of a high-quality product. It means you’re always on your toes with different things to do each day, so being bored or not having much to do isn’t really an option which I like.

What is next for your career?
I hope to progress as far as I can with Watkins as part of the operations team. I have quite a few aspirations and goals to work towards but I need to continue developing my knowledge and skills and then hopefully I can carry on an upward trajectory within the company.