Customer Care Supervisor


Katie is a Customer Care Supervisor in our customer care team and joined us in 2019, just before lockdown. She assists residents in new builds with their plumbing and heating enquiries and arranging appointments with the engineers to fix issues, as well as arranging the servicing of boilers and heating. Katie is a Mental Health First Aider and loves working at Watkins.

It might be that a problem is sorted straight away but if the engineers have to go back, it’s my job to order parts and liaise with the customer and keep everyone in the loop.

Meet the team Q&A

Customer Care

Job title:
Customer Care Supervisor

What does your job involve?

I oversee the day to day running of the Customer Care coordinators ensuring engineers time is fully utilised whilst ensuring priority call outs are responded too. I offer support and guidance to the customer care coordinators and deal with escalated issues to provide a speedy resolution.

How long have you been working for Watkins?
I started in December 2019.

Have you risen through the ranks?
I was promoted to Customer Care supervisor in October 2021.

Do you enjoy working for Watkins?
100% – it’s the best company to work for! The customer care team/ management and everyone here at Watkins are lovely to work with and have helped me a lot along the way.

Do you do a lot of training?
I’ve done some mental health training so now I’m a Mental Health First Aider.