Project case study

North Seven – TA Centre

Key Information

Fairview New Homes

Islington, London

Watkins are leading the way to Net Zero Networks ✔️

We are proud to have been Fairview New Homes nominated M&P contractor for the North Sevens project. The heat network supplying the 118-property high-rise scheme, is paving the way towards Net Zero.

North Seven will rely solely on Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps for its heat, which means the project will now benefit from saving energy, money and spare the environment, compared to the typical commercial gas-fired boilers that our industry has been utilising for many years.

Air Source Heat Pumps are just one of the many new ways in which Watkins are looking to boost the sustainability of our projects, to assist with the UK’s Net Zero Heat Network Strategy.

Air Source Heat Pumps
at the North Seven development in Islington, London

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