Planned Preventative Maintenance / Customer Care

Watkins recognises the importance of offering both Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and full Customer Care service packages to all our clients, specifically monitoring and maintaining the completed plant rooms and energy centres which in turn supply both heating and hot water to all dwellings, apartments and penthouses.
All our PPM Contracts are bespoke to meet the exact needs of the client incorporating as many factors considered necessary to ensure ongoing optimal operation of all installations.

Watkins work closely with clients to achieve packages that focus on cost effective solutions that can be adapted if needs change.

With site specific log books providing engineer’s reports, service and commission sheets, company health and safety requirements and programmes of works, a comprehensive record of site information is easily accessible when required.
Our Customer Care department will respond within previously agreed timescales to any service issues that arise and, in the event of an emergency, within 4 hours if considered necessary.

Watkins PPM services include:

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