A Day in the Life: Estimator

As a family-run business, our people are at the heart of our business. To celebrate our employees and showcase what the construction and M&E industries have to offer, we will be sharing our ‘A Day in the Life’ campaign. This time we have Josh Williamson, one of our Estimators.  

Below we have asked Josh a series of questions to get to know him a little better, his day-to-day tasks as an estimator and the value he brings to Watkins. 

Q – Could you tell us a little about your role at Watkins?

A – As an estimator, I’m part of the team responsible for pricing projects when they arrive into us and working with the client to provide savings on the project, all aiming to win the job.

Q – What about your background and how you entered the industry?

A – I used to work as an estimator and project manager for a shopfitting company, focussing on fitting out and refurbishing Starbucks across the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, the company went under during Covid (not because of poor estimating or project management!) and I found myself here at Watkins and haven’t looked back.

Q – What does your typical day look like as an Estimator?

A – Depending on where in the tendering process we are, a typical day can vary. Early in the project, we look through the project’s specifications as well as the client’s requirements (they don’t often match), listing out any questions in preparation for a mid-tender meeting. We have to send out enquiries to a number of sub-contractors and suppliers, comparing them to ensure we’re as competitive as possible. We attend mid-tender meetings to discuss the project in detail with the client, ensuring we’re pricing exactly what they would like. We also have to offer a number of Value Engineered options or cheaper alternatives to save the client costs.

Q – What has been one of your favourite projects you have worked on during your time at Watkins?

A – Camden Goods Yard for St George. It was a really complex tender submission, with a lot of post tender work to try to secure the project.

Q – Would you encourage others to enter the construction industry?

A – Absolutely. The number of things you learn on a daily basis is amazing, and it really helps you to start looking at things in a different way.

Q – And to finish it up, can you tell me a fun or interesting fact about yourself?

A – My dad was desperate to name me Genesis if I was a girl – not after the book in the bible, but the 70’s “rock” group. Thankfully I ended up being named after a U2 album. His taste in music hasn’t improved!


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